Wooden saunas

Wooden saunas for relaxation, reducing stress and relieve sore muscles

If you enjoy the pleasant heat inside a sauna, you will love to have a sauna right outside in the garden. Have it at home, at your summer house, or somewhere else. Imagine the luxury of having a private sauna at your disposal when you feel like relaxing in a hot environment. You can use the sauna whenever you want – and you decide who you want to share the pleasant experience with. We offer a wide range of saunas to enjoy at home in the garden. The different saunas for your garden are made of durable Nordic spruce. We have been going to various kinds of saunas for thousands of years. We simply love the warmth as it makes us relax and provides pain relief for sore muscles and more. Did you know that the word 'sauna' is the only Finnish word used in the English language? The word just means 'bath' or 'bathhouse'?

A wooden sauna works wonders for body and mind

Most people love to spend time in a steamy hot sauna. It is great to feel how the skin is getting warm, the pulse rate increases and the blood vessels dilate. You can also feel how the heart starts pumping faster. Then you start to sweat and your entire body will feel relaxed. Many studies show that a sauna can help you to de-stress and feel relaxed. Having the sauna at home in the garden makes it easy to use it several times every week so you increase the quality of life in an easy and manageable way. When the sauna has been installed and connected, you can look forward to using it after work and after exercising.

A wooden sauna right outside in the garden

We offer two types of saunas - a wooden barrel sauna and a classic sauna cabin. Both types are in natural Nordic spruce, which is beautiful and durable. In short, having a sauna in the garden is a wonderful luxury to help you feel great most of the times due to the hours of relaxation and stress relief. You can have a wooden sauna with one or two rooms and select the sauna heater you prefer. Order a sauna and start looking forward to treating yourself to some quality time every time you feel like it. Let all the stress evaporate and treat sore and tender muscles with pleasant heat. Do yourself a favour and order a garden sauna.

Which kind of sauna heater do you prefer?

Please note that our saunas are delivered without a sauna heater! That means that you need to select and order one of our sauna heaters. As you know, the sauna heater creates the heat and magic for the sauna. All our sauna heaters are made to do just that but the design of the heaters is very different. You can have a classic sauna heater in stainless steel or you can order a heater in the shape of a water drop. The organic heater is hanging on the sauna's wall. You can use the heaters for all our different saunas. The important and iconic sauna stones are enclosed no matter which heater you prefer.