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Welcome to a wonderful world of high-quality products in solid Nordic wood and modern design making your garden life even more rich and enjoyable. The Modularo brand is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on durable quality, style, and comfort. The brand offers a wide range of wooden products like sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins that will last for many years, providing you with a permanent solution, and making your garden life even more pleasurable. The brand provides you with elegant design, long-lasting quality, functionality, and extra room for storage and living.

Wooden gazebos - buy now

Wooden garden gazebos for great style and comfort

Having an elegant wooden gazebo in your garden will add style for the next many years and soon become the place you want to be when outside. Use the light and inviting structure for relaxation, reading, writing, painting, and for being with friends and family. When you are inside one of the beautiful Modularo(tm) gazebos, you are shaded from the sun and sheltered from the wind and the rain. Open up the wooden gazebo and make it part of the surrounding garden or patio. We offer elegant and permanent structures in various sizes and designs in either natural wood or in light grey or dark grey. All the wooden garden gazebos have large windows providing a wonderful inflow of light.

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Wooden cabins - buy now

Wooden cabins for guests, for relaxation, creativity, and social events

Whether you prefer a classic wooden cabin or a modern version, you can find it here. Our sturdy and elegant Modularo wooden cabins are made of strong and stable Nordic wood making them a permanent solution you can enjoy for many years. The beautiful wooden cabins provide you with extra space for numerous purposes - as a guesthouse, an office, creative pursuits, exercise, relaxation, or as a hideout for you or the family teenagers. Open up the large doors and windows making the interior of the cabin part of the surrounding garden creating an almost magical setting. You can also use some of the cabins as a shelter when you want to be outside enjoying nature even more. You can have the long-lasting wooden cabins or guesthouses in natural wood, dark grey, or light grey.

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Wooden garden sheds - buy now

Wooden garden sheds for tools, garden machines, and more

A sturdy and spacious wooden garden shed is the perfect solution when you want to keep your garden tools, small machines, and more in one place well sheltered. Choose from a wide range of sturdy, practical, and long-lasting wooden garden sheds from the popular Modularo brand. The elegant and permanent wooden sheds are made of strong Nordic wood making the sheds stable, durable, and nice to look at. You can have the wooden garden sheds in natural wood or the colours light grey or dark grey. All the sheds have large doors for easy access and one or more windows for natural light inside the shed during the daytime.

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Summerhouses from Modularo

An elegant DIY summerhouse in solid wood

You can use your elegant and spacious summerhouse for a short break from time to time or for an entire holiday. Getaway from every day just for a weekend to generate new energy for work and more. You can enjoy the summerhouse on your own, together with friends or with the family. One of the great things about our summerhouses is that you can place it almost where you like - find a plot the right place and start building.

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