Wooden carports

Wooden carports are classic and elegant car shelters

Wooden carports are the classic solution when you want a designated space for safe parking. Our wooden carports are made of elegant and durable Nordic wood. You can have one of the sturdy wooden carports with an integrated tool shed or without. You can put up the classic structure next to all types of buildings both modern and old. The wooden carport is made for protecting your car against the elements - rain, snow and the damaging UV-rays. When parked under a carport, the car will be ready when you want to go. During the winter, you do not have to spend precious time removing ice and snow from the car before you can leave – and in the summer, you can park in the shade.

Use your wooden carport for many different purposes

You can have all sorts of things well protected under a carport and inside the tool shed – that is, if you have ordered a carport with an integrated tool shed. In the summer, the carport can work as a roof over your lounge furniture or the children’s play area. There is also room for a hot tub under the wooden structure or you can use the carport for bikes, a small boat and more. Some of our customers have used their carport for the car during the winter and for something else during the summer. It is all up to you!

Your wooden carport as a pre-fabricated assembly set

We deliver all our various wooden carports as a pre-fabricated assembly set. You have to be two or more for the job for safety reasons. You just follow the detailed assembly instruction step by step. If you have ordered a carport in natural wood, you need to paint it right after assembly with a high-quality wood protection. That will keep the wood well-protected and prolong the life span of the carport. Use a transparent wood protection and preserve the beautiful natural look of the carport or paint it in your favourite colour.

Wooden carports and many other high-quality wooden products

Our brand Modularo® is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on high quality, design and durability. The various wooden products all help you enjoy your garden even more – as well as making life a little easier and more comfortable. We offer a wide range of sturdy and durable wooden products like tool sheds, shelters, garden gazebos, garages, greenhouses, and wooden cabins. All the different products will make your garden and more look amazing for many years to come. In short, this strong brand gives you elegant design, functionality, and great wooden products for many purposes!