Modularo by Dancover includes a wide range of high-quality wooden products made for garden owners and others enjoying the outdoors. The products within this popular brand are all sturdy, elegant, and will last for many years due to the strong Nordic wood used for manufacturing these popular products. The wood for these products comes from Europe and afterwards the wood has been processed and manufactured by the best and most experienced people. This provides you with a selection of beautiful and durable wooden products for your garden and more.
In this FAQ, you can find an answer to all your questions regarding our Modularo products. If not, please contact our Xperts so they can help you answer any question you may have.

Before you order a Modularo product

Our popular Modularo products are made of strong and durable Nordic wood and will last for many years. That is why we recommend that you take a little time to consider where to place your new wooden shed, gazebo, or cabin. Consider if you may expand the house at some point, need to make the driveway bigger, how large the existing trees will become, and more. In e.g. five years, a small tree may have grown to shade for your gazebo or preventing sunlight reaching your cabin. So think ahead just to be on the safe side as our wooden products are made to last.

Building permit for your Modularo product

An important detail is whether you need some sort of building permit to build a permanent wooden structure or small building in your garden - or somewhere else. There may also be some restrictions concerning the required distance to boundary and more. Most likely, you are free to place a shed or a gazebo, but maybe a cabin needs a permit. Sometimes it has to do with the plot ratio or accumulated number of square metres. So just to be sure - check with relevant authorities before you start building.

Different foundations for your Modularo product

You may need to build or cast a foundation before you can assemble your new Modularo products. See more under Foundation.

Best quality products

The manufacturer of the Modularo wooden products are among the most experienced manufacturers of high-quality wooden sheds, gazebos, and cabins in Europa. Apart from many years of experience, they work in compliance with the ISO-9001 norm to provide you with the best possible quality every time. Furthermore, they only use the best raw materials available - selected Nordic wood (Picea Abies) from the cold regions of Europe - strong and durable wood that will provide you with permanent storage and leisure solutions.

Damp-proof barrier

Depending on the type of foundation you choose, you may need to place a damp-proof barrier between the foundation and the wooden structure. If in doubt, please consult a professional to avoid mistakes that may lead to problems later on. It is important that you protect the wooden parts and frames against moist and damp.


The carrier will deliver your order to the nearest kerbside. We cannot guarantee you that your order is delivered by a specific carrier. As a rule, we do not leave your order at your address if you are not at home to sign for it. The carrier will normally leave a note with a number to call for you to arrange an alternative delivery date. If you have arranged with the carrier to leave your order at your place without you being there to sign for it, the delivery will be at your own risk.

Delays or damages

Please note that if you receive a damaged package, we ask you to accept receipt, make a note on the letter of transport and then fill out a Claim Form on www.dancovershop.com. We will then handle the claim and get back to you within 24 hours on working days. Obviously, we will do our utmost to send you replacement parts in case anything has been damaged or missing.

DIY assembly kit

We deliver your new Modularo product to you at the kerbside as a complete assembly kit. The delivery may be one or more packages depending on the size of the product. Inside the set, your Modularo product is systematically stacked and packed onto a pallet and the manufacturer has checked it thoroughly before dispatch. Enclosed with the set is your detailed assembly instructions. We recommend that you do not remove the foil from the packages before you are going to start assembling the structure as the foil is designed to protect the wood against the weather. If you do not start the assembling process right after your Modularo product has been delivered, make sure to store the various parts in a dry place well protected against UV-exposure.

Doors and windows

With a few exceptions, all the glass in our sheds, gazebos, and cabins are made of tempered glass for durability and your safety. In a few products, we have used the strong and almost unbreakable Plexiglas, which will provide you with the same inflow of light as the tempered glass provides. All our sheds have one or more windows to provide natural light inside the shed during the day. Our garden gazebos and cabins have large doors and windows providing a wonderful inflow of light making the structures light and inviting with a great outlook.

Foundation for the various Modularo products

A level, firm and stable foundation may very well be the most important stage when you are going to build a shed, garden gazebo, cabin, or any other garden building. With a good base, you will ensure the stability of the building, correct assembly, durability, functionality and the perfect look. A poor and insufficient foundation will provide a ton of problems, put great pressure on the entire structure, and in the end lead to a shorter life span for the building. You may see gaping between the wall planks, poor overall appearance as well as problems with the doors and windows.

The following types of foundations are all good and solid foundations for garden buildings. Each foundation type has its pros and cons, so if you are in doubt, consult your local hardware store or a professional with relevant experience. This may not be rocket science, but you need to do it right! The type of foundation may also depend on the type of soil in the garden if the ground is sloping, if you already have a patio with flagstones, the size and weight of the building, and your budget.

1. Concrete Slab Base

A concrete base is a sure thing for most building projects - it is well known to most and has been used for decades for all kinds of building big or small. A concrete foundation is the most durable and solid foundation but also one of the most expensive bases to build and time-consuming, too.

2. Strip Foundations

Strip foundations are an easier, lighter and less expensive alternative to a concrete slab. You can use it for almost any size garden building if the ground is not sloped. Furthermore, you can easily remove strips if you buy a new garden building sometime in the future and need a new base because the old building needs to be pulled down and removed. The concrete strips are firm, strong and stable.

3. Paving slabs

A paving slab base is a good base for small and medium-sized sheds and gazebos. It is one of the easiest bases to build, relatively cheap and does not involve concrete work. It also looks nice, it is easy to install a shed or a gazebo on paving slabs and it is easy to remove or extend in the future should you want to build a larger garden building such as a wooden cabin or similar.

4. Adjustable Riser Pedestal or Breeze Blocks on gravel

Do you want a firm and durable base for a shed or garden building? Then this foundation can be made at a very reasonable price. The adjustable riser pedestal is superb if you already have a hard standing surface that only needs some levelling.

5. Stop Digging Ground Screw or GroundPlug©

An innovative way to make a foundation is ground screws that will save you a lot of digging, removing soil, and buying and working with cement. The Stop Digging ground screws or a similar product from GroundPlug© offer a fantastic way to give your garden building a safe and level foundation. You can have the ground screws ready in only a fraction of the time you need to install most of the other foundations and you do not have to cast in cement or concrete but you can start building right away!

Installing electricity and plumbing

You may be an experienced DIY-person but please make sure whether you can do everything yourself legally. Sometimes legislation requires that you hire a trained professional to do certain jobs - like installation of electricity, water, and more. In the end, it may be a question of your security and whether your insurance covers a damaged if the things are not made according to current rules and regulations.

Maintenance instructions for your Modularo garden building

You can have our sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins in natural wood or a painted version. The painted buildings have been painted thoroughly and will not need to be painted or maintained for the next many years. We recommend that you repaint every 5 years depending on the look and feel of the paint. The tear and wear depends also on the climate and weather in general so keep an eye on the exterior to see whether the paint needs to be freshened.

When you order a garden building in natural wood, the wood has not been applied with anything. Here, we recommend that you apply a wood preservative of your choice - transparent, tinted, or in a colour. You need to apply the wood preservative to prevent discolouration, bending, and expansion. Remember to add a wood preservative to doors and windows as well. The experts at your local hardware store or similar can tell you, which kind of wood preservative or paint you should use. The products should also protect the wood against mould, fungi, UV-rays, and more. Here, you may have to re-apply wood preservative every two years depending on what it says on the product.

The Modularo brand

Modularo by Dancover is a modern lifestyle brand focusing on durable quality, style, and comfort. The brand offers a wide range of wooden products like sheds, garden gazebos, and wooden cabins that will last for many years, providing you with elegant design, long-lasting quality, functionality, and extra room for storage and living. The high-quality products in solid Nordic wood are made for making your garden life even more pleasant and enjoyable.

Natural structure without paint or protection

When you order a garden building in natural wood, the wood is not protected against weather or anything. That is why we recommend that you apply a wood preservative - transparent, tinted, or in a colour. Remember to add a wood preservative to the doors and windows as well. The experts at your local hardware store or similar can tell you, which kind of wood preservative or paint you should use. The products should also protect the wood against mould, fungi, UV-rays, and more. You will need to re-apply wood preservative regularly - how often depends on the product you use.

Painted garden houses

When ordering a painted shed, pavilion, or cabin, you can forget about the tiresome work with painting the structure yourself. We have an industrial wood protection system to provide the perfect protection for your wooden structure for years. Our environment-friendly and water-based wood preservative are made especially for outdoor use. Thanks to the unique combination of different binders, the surface of your Modularo structure is sealed without preventing breathability and securing a permanent waterproof. The paint penetrates deep into the wood and the matte finish ensures a beautiful accentuation of the wood structure. The paint or wood preservative protects against the weather in general such as rain and UV-rays as well as insect infestation, mould, fungi, and bluing.

• All boards have an industrial finish on all four sides
• Wooden doors and windows are cream-white inside and outside
• Trimmings and purlins painted white
• Roof planks treated on three sides
• Recommended maintenance interval of 5 years
• Paint supply for repairs included

Personal service and advice

We offer personal service and advice before, during, and after ordering a Modularo product from Dancover. Do you have questions about the various Modularo products, please contact our Xperts by phone, e-mail, or use our chat. You can ask questions about the materials, price, time of delivery, payment, and much more. The detailed assembly instruction has been enclosed the product, so many things will be explained here.

Preparations before the assembly

When you receive your assembly kit from us, please make sure that everything is there and unharmed. Even though we pack everything carefully and securely, things may happen during transport. If you do not start the assembly right away, please make sure that the kit is stored away from the elements and not directly on the ground.

When you are ready to start the assembly, please read the enclosed assembly manual thoroughly to make sure you do things in the correct order. Please note that you need to be two persons for the job as the solid wood parts are heavy and you need to be accurate while assembling the product. You do not need any special tools for the job.


The manufacturer of our high-quality wooden structures has many years of experience and modern machinery. The combination of these factors provides you with the best products on the market. While the machinery saw, plane and mill the individual parts with millimetre accuracy into the correct shape and size, trained eyes inspect and sort the various materials and components. Before anything is dispatched from the factory, the final consignment is checked again and then carefully and securely packed.


Our manufacturer follows a quality management system in compliance with the ISO-9001 norm to offer the best quality to our customers.

Roofing materials

Some of the Modularo products come complete with roofing material, but with some of the products, you need to find and order the roofing materials from another supplier. We recommend that you visit your local hardware store or building centre and have the experts there guide you to which kind of roofing material you need. The various types of roofing differ a little in price, colour, and look. You should be able to lay most of the roofing materials yourself - otherwise a professional will do it in no time. It is very important that you find and lay the roofing material as soon as possible to protect the structure against water.

Selected Nordic wood - you guarantee for long-lasting quality

All the wood used for the Modularo products like garden sheds, garden gazebos or cabins has grown in the cool regions of Europe where it has been allowed to grow at its own pace, and this has made the wood strong and durable. The experienced staff at the manufacturer also have a keen eye when selecting the wood for processing. Here only the best wood makes it on to become part of the popular Modular garden buildings.

Tools for the assembly

We have made it easy for you. We deliver you new Modularo product as a DIY assembly kit with a detailed assembly instruction enclosed. You do not need any special tools for the assembly but it is important that you are at least two persons for the job as the solid wood parts are heavy and you need to be accurate when assembling the parts.