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Summerhouse for relaxation and being close to nature

Many dreams of a summerhouse somewhere in nature - in a forest, near the coast, the beach or just a peaceful place where you can go when you want to relax and enjoy life to the fullest. We offer various summerhouses in beautiful solid pine where you could have time for yourself or together with the family. Our large selection of beautiful summerhouses in various sizes and designs include classic summerhouses and summerhouses in a modern design. No matter what you prefer, you can find your summerhouse here. Our sturdy and elegant summerhouses are made of strong Nordic pine, which comes from cool areas. The climate provides the wood with strength and durability. That means that you, in the end, will have a sturdy and durable summerhouse. We offer summerhouses in natural wood as well as houses in an elegant dark grey or light grey. We recommend that you use wood protection on all exterior surfaces if you order a summerhouse in natural wood. Use transparent wood protection if you want to maintain the natural look of your cabin - or one of the many beautiful colours you can choose from.

A summerhouse for holidays and weekends

You can use your elegant and spacious summerhouse for a short break from time to time or for an entire holiday. Getaway from every day just for a weekend to generate new energy for work and more. You can enjoy the summerhouse on your own, together with friends or with the family. One of the great things about our summerhouses is that you can place it almost where you like - find a plot the right place and start building. Soon you will have a wonderful place to go when you want to relax and get close to nature or just to be somewhere else for a little while. Our summerhouses are spacious and have large doors, which provide easy access. When you open the door(s) completely, you can make the interior of the summerhouse an integrated part of the surrounding area. This is a great place to spend some quality time when the weather is good - and inside when it is not. The large windows will give you a wonderful inflow of light and make your summerhouse even more inviting. Did you know that you could use your summerhouse as a luxury shelter and sleep more or less outdoors? Due to the construction of most of our summerhouses, you can enjoy nature to the fullest by opening the doors up and sleep almost outside with fresh air and all the sounds of nature as a lullaby.

An elegant DIY summerhouse in solid wood

We deliver your new summerhouse to you as a pre-fabricated assemble set. We call it the perfect DIY-project if you like to work with your hand creating beautiful things. You need to be two for the task as the various wooden parts of the summerhouse is heavy. You need to be precise when building the summerhouse. Follow the detailed manual step-by-step and everything will be perfect. Please remember to paint your summerhouse with wood protection if you have ordered a summerhouse in natural wood. If you want to know more about our summerhouses before you order, please call us, send us an e-mail, or use the chat in the shop.

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